A bomb explosion at a homeless shelter in the northwestern Colombian city of Medellin left three Indians dead Saturday and a total of 15 people wounded, authorities said.

Preliminary reports indicate the attack came as a reprisal against the municipal government's reintegration programs, since the bomb was carried by one of the Indians slain in the blast and was activated from elsewhere with a mobile phone.

"This was an attack against the care being given to street people, the actions being taken against drug consumption, and the work of the Metropolitan Police," the deputy mayor of Medellin, Luis Fernando Suarez, said.

In the bomb blast that went off downtown in the Antioquian capital at a center for the homeless, about 15 people were injured including Indians and police, who were taken to medical centers around the city.

Several groups of Indians had apparently agreed Thursday to find shelter at these centers, where they were provided with meals, bathrooms and somewhere to sleep, which the authorities said would have provoked the attack.

With 2.5 million inhabitants, Medellin is Colombia's second-largest city and one that has suffered most from the drug-trafficking violence that ravages this country. EFE