Honduran authorities said that two citizens who were arrested this week near Tegucigalpa and sent to jail had more than $1.4 million hidden in the two vehicles they were driving.

The spokesman for the prosecutor's office in Tegucigalpa, Carlos Vallecillo, told Efe that 68 packs containing slightly more than $1.4 million were found in the vehicles.

Anti-narcotics agents and Honduran military police arrested two Hondurans last Tuesday near Tegucigalpa, from whom they seized the 68 packs of cash that were hidden in false compartments of the two vehicles.

Those taken into custody, identified as Edy Orlando Cruz and Jose Daniel Fiallos, were sent to the Honduras National Penitentiary, located some 25 kilometers (15 miles) north of Tegucigalpa, on charges of "money laundering," a crime punishable in this Central American country with up to 20 years in prison, Vallecillo said.

To date this year Honduran authorities have seized more than 2,000 kilos (2.2 tons) of cocaine, dozens of barrels of chemicals from Germany and Colombia for making drugs, along with arms and ammunition of various calibers.

Also dismantled on the western side of this Central American country were at least two laboratories with chemicals for making cocaine and other drugs including ecstasy, one of several recent strikes against the drug trade, according to local authorities. EFE