Two-time presidential candidate Henrique Capriles was not part of the political violence "coordinated" by two other leaders of the Venezuelan opposition, Interior Minister Miguel Rodríguez said Tuesday.

Citing an unnamed informant, the minister told state television that Capriles rejected the plans hatched by Leopoldo López and lawmaker María Corina Machado.

López, the leader of the Popular Will party, has been held in a military jail in Caracas since Feb. 18, six days after the first three deaths - out of 29 total that have occurred to date - in the anti-government protests.

Machado and López outlined their strategy in Feb. 10 and 11 meetings with Capriles and other prominent opposition figures, Rodríguez said.

He said the unnamed informant, dubbed "Source A1," attended the second gathering, which took place at a Caracas hotel.

"Source A1 informed us that it was then that Capriles left and said he was going because he was not going to support that crazy man, referring to Leopoldo López, who was proposing setting the cities on fire," Rodríguez said.

The 29 fatalities associated with the protests include both opponents and supporters of the leftist government, as well as bystanders and members of the security forces.

Authorities have charged more than a dozen police and soldiers with violating the human rights of demonstrators.

President Nicólas Maduro maintains that the protests are part of a plan orchestrated by the United States to seek his death and removal from power.

López, who has been formally charged with arson and causing property damage, as well as with criminal conspiracy and instigating violence, denies committing any crime and from prison has called on his followers to remain out on the streets but not to resort to violence.

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