The Honduran navy announced Tuesday that it had received one of the three aerial radar units it purchased from Israel last December using its own resources with an eye toward becoming more effective in the anti-drug fight.

At a press conference, the head of the naval joint chiefs of staff, Gen. Freddy Diaz, along with National Police director Ramon Sabillon, said that the radar was delivered last Thursday.

The radar's range is 50 nautical miles and it will serve to "comply with that constitutional mandate to be the guarantors of the sovereignty of our air, maritime and terrestrial space," Diaz added without providing additional details.

The purchase price was around $25 million and was carried out using financing. The equipment will be installed at "strategic points" around the Central American country, the military commander said, although he added that he could not reveal those locations due to "security concerns."

"We are structuring, with the equipment that Honduras already has, the best strategy to deal with the great scourge that is drug trafficking," he emphasized.

Honduran territory is used by South American drug traffickers to send shipments of cocaine and other drugs to the United States on small planes and speedboats that cross the Caribbean.

Some 80 percent of the illicit drugs that pass through Honduras do so by sea and the rest by air and land, according to Honduran authorities, who attribute a large part of the violence the country is experiencing to the drug trade.

So far this year in Honduras there have been an average of 14 murders per day. EFE