The Dominican Republic's DNI investigative agency on Monday reported it had busted a ring accused of falsifying the signature of Foreign Minister Carlos Morales Troncoso to produce forged visas.

The ring was using an NGO as a front organization and allegedly was headed by Reynaldo Sanchez Hernandez, the DNI director, Maj. Gen. Maximo William Muñoz Delgado, said in a statement.

In a raid on Sanchez Hernandez's capital residence, authorities seized technological equipment and a bag containing documents, according to the statement.

In February, the group sent a letter bearing the alleged signature of Morales to the Dutch Embassy in Santo Domingo with the aim of obtaining a visas, ostensibly to participate in a meeting in The Hague, Muñoz Delgado said.

The embassy noted irregularities in the letter, and so it asked the Dominican Foreign Ministry to verify its authenticity.

The ministry responded that the document was not authentic.

The DNI chief said that the final destination of the people receiving the visas was not to have been The Netherlands, but rather Spain.

For supplying the visas, Reynaldo Sanchez would have received 250,000 pesos ($5,900) from each person who had requested one. EFE