Panama's Senan aero-naval service said Monday that it confiscated 1,525 kilos (3,359 lbs.) of cocaine during an operation last week off the country's Caribbean coast.

The drug stash was found in 61 sacks lined with adhesive tape of different colors.

The drugs were dumped in the sea some 16 nautical miles northeast of Tiger Island by the speedboat's crew, who then managed to get away, Senan said in a communique.

The operation was launched last Friday when Senan units were patrolling the area.

Since 2009, Panamanian authorities have seized more than 99,800 kilos (110 tons) of cocaine, heroin and marijuana, according to data released by Senan.

This year Senan has nabbed approximately 1,725 kilos (3,800 lbs.) of drugs and has destroyed some 4,083 marijuana plants. EFE