US, Mexico, Guatemala To Create Security Coalition To Fight Drug, Human Trafficking, Arms Smuggling

Published March 09, 2014


Security officials from Mexico, the United States and Guatemala agreed to create the Trinational Security Desk to fight people trafficking, arms smuggling, drug trafficking and other crimes in a coordinated manner at their borders, the Mexican National Security Commission said.

Mexican Federal Police commissioner Enrique Galindo Ceballos met with U.S. Department of Homeland Security Assistant Secretary of International Affairs and Chief Diplomatic Officer Alan Bersin and Guatemalan Government Minister Mauricio Lopez Bonilla to discuss border security, the commission said in a statement.

Galindo Ceballos told Bersin and Lopez Bonilla at their meeting in Guatemala City that the National Security Commission was committed to bilateral efforts to promote border security and monitoring to reduce crime.

"The three countries have interests in dealing with common problems, such as people trafficking and trafficking of arms and drugs. The three countries agree ... and all three are concerned about these crimes," Galindo said.

Guatemala plans to deploy task forces to protect the border, Lopez Bonilla said.

Officials are currently working on protocols for exchanging intelligence to allow the security forces to be more effective in fighting organized crime, as well as to control the flow of migrants and identify people, Lopez Bonilla said.

The fact that the three countries are approaching the issue of border security from a trilateral standpoint is important, Bersin said.

The three high-level security officials agreed to meet regularly to discuss progress on border security, the National Security Commission said.

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