A Vietnamese airplane on Sunday sighted in the waters of the Gulf of Thailand some objects that could belong to the Malaysian Airlines jet that disappeared in the area on the weekend with 239 people on board, the Vietnamese Information Ministry announced.

On its Web page, the ministry said that the objects spotted floating in the water appeared to be a fragment of an aircraft's tail and an interior door.

The objects were located about 93 kilometers (58 miles) south of the island of Tho Chu, in the same area where the plane could have gone down if it did not alter its route, a possibility that is currently being investigated.

The discovery came shortly before nightfall, when air operations were cancelled until Monday morning.

The report was transmitted to boats in the area that are participating in search and rescue operations so that they can recover the objects and determine precisely what they are and where they came from.

China, the United States, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam, shortly to be joined by Australia, are cooperating in the search for the Boeing 777-200 that disappeared on Saturday.

Meanwhile, the U.S. team confirmed that the floating object that had been spotted by a Singporean aircraft on Sunday is not linked to the Malaysia Airlines plane.

Search operations were expanded - with Malaysia beginning search operations in the Strait of Malacca - after it was learned that flight MH370 could have turned around before radar contact was lost with it.

The plane took off from Kuala Lumpur at 12:41 a.m. (1641 GMT on Friday) and was scheduled to land in Beijing about six hours later.

It vanished from Malaysian radar screens about an hour after departing.

On board the plane were 239 passengers and crew, with the vast majority of the passengers - 153 - being Chinese, although there were reportedly 38 Malaysians and citizens of about 13 other countries, including three Americans, on the flight.

Interpol confirmed on Sunday that two of the passengers were using stolen passports - one of those documents being Italian and the other Austrian - and an investigation has been opened to determine if there was some terrorist link to the plane's disappearance. EFE