Fourteen gang members escaped from a police station in El Salvador, although six of them were recaptured, and seven police officers have been arrested for their possible involvement in the breakout, police director Rigoberto Pleites said Sunday.

"Fourteen gang members fled, they were with Pandilla 18, and they escaped last night through a tunnel from the National Civil Police (jail) in the town of Aguilares, in northern San Salvador," Pleites told reporters.

However, "six have already been recaptured ... (and) we are pursuing the other eight criminals," the police chief added.

In addition, "we had to arrest at least seven officers, who are in the process of being investigated to see if they facilitated the escape plan or if they (allowed the escape) through negligence," he said.

Pleites said that the gang members first "made a hole in a part of the (cell) and then made a tunnel and left ... out the other side." EFE