Venezuela's attorney general on Thursday said that 19 people have died and 318 have been injured in the protests over the past three weeks, along with 1,103 people who have been arrested.

"We have 318 people injured and 19 dead. Of the 318 injured, 217 are civilians and 81 are police and (security) officers," Luisa Ortega told Globovision.

She said that two people died on Thursday in the eastern part of Caracas in violence incidents during protests, one police officer and one civilian, both of whom were killed by gunfire.

The AG also said that 25 indictments had been drawn up for human rights violations allegedly committed by public safety officials.

"We have arrested 15 active officials for cases of human rights violations ... (and) we still have five outstanding arrest warrants for officials," she emphasized.

Ortega said that all officials who are deemed responsible for human rights violations will be punished and she recommended that complaints be made to prosecutors and not to the media or on the social networks.

She also said that 1,322 people have been brought before various courts on assorted charges, and charges have been completely dropped against 35 of them.

Venezuela has been experiencing a wave of anti-government protests since Feb. 12 in several cities around the country, and in some cases those demonstrations have turned violent. EFE