Musician Carlos Santana said he felt good vibes about his album "Corazon," a feeling similar to what he got from "Supernatural."

The 66-year-old Mexican-American performer said he had lots of energy and was not even thinking about retiring, although the recent death of Spanish guitarist Paco de Lucia had made him reflect on his legacy.

"I'd like them to say about me that 'He was an enlightened musician and person, he reminded us that we too are a spark of light that cannot be extinguished,'" Santana said during a stopover in Madrid.

De Lucia was an "immortal" talent, like Jimmy Hendrix, Django Reinhardt, Bob Marley and Michael Jackson, Santana said.

Santana, whose career has spanned nearly half a century and is considered one of the world's greatest guitarists, joked that "I am just getting started."

"Even though my body is 66, when I start to play and the love comes out, I am 14," Santana said, adding that "the spirit and the soul are ageless."

The musician, whose 23rd studio album will be released on May 6, said he was feeling newly energized.

"Making this album I felt a vibe similar to the one when I made 'Supernatural' (1999). From the start, I felt an intensity and I believe it's going to be like a universal wave that will reach everybody," Santana said, referring to one of his most celebrated albums.

The man behind "Black Magic Woman" and "Oye Como Va" won nine Grammy awards for "Supernatural."

"Corazon" (RCA/Sony Latin Iberia) features a number of big-name guest performers, like "Supernatural," who belt out songs from the heart, the "most important organ in the body," Santana said.

"For me, these people are an inspiration. They are pure excitement, with a sparkle in their eyes, and they have a fire and a hunger for love," Santana said, referring to the contributions made by Mexico's Lila Downs, Jamaica's Ziggy Marley, Argentina's "The Fabulous Cadillacs" and Diego Torres to the album.

The song that stands out the most is a new version of "La flaca" performed with Colombian star Juanes, a piece infused with the blues spirit of John Lee Hooker.

Gloria Estefan, who Santana has known since 1985, makes another important contribution to "Corazon."

"We have great mutual respect. Working with her is easy because we are not there to compete but to complement each other," Santana said.

Pitbull, Romeo Santos and Miguel are among the other musicians contributing to the album. EFE