At least nine people, including four suicide bombers, died Tuesday and 48 were wounded in an assault on on municipal government headquarters in the Iraqi city of Samarra, police officials told Efe.

The assailants first detonated a car bomb at the front entrance of the local city hall, some 125 kilometers (78 miles) north of Baghdad.

Four men entered city hall with belts of explosives strapped to their bodies that they blew up when security forces broke into the building.

The wounded, among whom were three employees of the Municipal Council, were taken to Samarra General Hospital.

Separately, two police officers died Tuesday, and seven were wounded in a bombing of the Mosul police station in northern Iraq.

In the last few hours at least 28 people, most of them police officers and extremists, have been killed in attacks north of the Iraqi capital, some of them launched by the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant against several checkpoints.

Iraq is dealing with an increase in sectarian violence and terrorist attacks, which last year left 8,860 people dead, of whom 7,818 were civilians, according to a United Nations report. EFE