Time Warner Cable announced Monday that it will include calls to Mexico in its plan of unlimited telephone calls inside the United States, in a clear strategy to win customers in the Mexican community.

Starting now, all subscribers to TWC's Unlimited Home Phone plan will sustain no additional charges for calling landline and cell phones in Mexico.

"We're excited to offer truly unlimited calling to Mexico as part of our main calling plan," Jeff Lindsay, TWC general manager for Home Phone, said in a press release.

It is estimated that users who make regular calls to Mexico will save around $5.00 on their phone bills, TWC said.

"This will have a tangible impact for Latino families across the country," the national executive director of the League of United Latin American Citizens, Brent A. Wilkes, said of the TWC initiative.

TWC operates cable television networks in several regions of the country with a total of 11 million customers, and users have the option of using the connection to access telephone and Internet services.

On Feb. 13, the largest company in the sector in the United States, Comcast, announced an agreement to buy TWC in an operation valued at $45.2 billion. EFE