The Venezuelan Attorney General's Office on Wednesday announced the arrests of five members of the Sebin intelligence service in connection with the Feb. 12 shooting deaths of two people following a protest, bringing to eight the total number of Sebin personnel in custody.

Seven of the eight agents may face homicide charges, the AG's office said in a statement.

On Feb. 12, a demonstration by students and other opposition elements was held in Caracas to protest the policies of the leftist government of President Nicolas Maduro.

At the end of the march, some people broke off from the group to stage attacks on public buildings and vehicles while others ran through nearby streets, where several of them were shot.

Bassil Da Costa, a student participating in the protest, and Juan Montoya, a member of a pro-government organization, died.

A few hours later, another young man, Robert Redman, who had participated in the march that morning, was shot to death.

Attorney General Luisa Ortega announced on Monday the arrests of three Sebin agents linked to two of the three deaths and said that the cases "are very clear."

In the same remarks, she said that 13 people had died in the protests besetting the country over the past two weeks.

Eight days ago, Maduro fired Sebin director Gen. Manuel Bernal after admitting that members of the service failed to abide by the order to stay off the streets on Feb. 12. EFE