Oscar-winning actor Russell Crowe has launched a campaign on Twitter to get Pope Francis to see his upcoming film, "Noah," an adaptation of the Old Testament story.

The movie would "fascinate" the pope, Crowe tweeted.

The actor posted several messages on the pope's official @Pontifex Twitter account in an effort to get him to see the film, which opens on March 28 in the United States and two weeks later in Italy.

"Holy Father @Pontifex, it would be my deepest pleasure to bring the @DarrenAronofsky film to you to screen," Crowe said in his post.

Crowe asked his more than 1.3 million followers on the social network to lobby the pope to see the movie.

"Sorry that I have caused havoc in your social media world. Seriously though, #Noah the movie will fascinate you," the actor tweeted.

No replies have been posted on @Pontifex as of Wednesday to Crowe's tweets.

Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi said in response to a question last year from reporters about whether the pope would see Stephen Frears's Oscar-nominated "Philomena" that the pontiff did not watch movies.

"Philomena" tells the story of a woman whose son was put up for adoption without her consent by the nuns she lived with at a convent.

The Hollywood Reporter said Lombardi's statement "contradicts assertions from a story that broke last year in which Francis told an Italian interviewer he enjoyed classic Italian films from directors including Federico Fellini, Roberto Rossellini and Luchino Visconti." EFE