Spanish telecom giant Telefonica is negotiating with an important maker of international fashion wear to integrate new devices, known as "smartwearables," into designer clothing, a high-level executive said Tuesday.

Daniel Hernandez, director of group purchasing devices at Telefonica, made the announcement during the Mobile World Congress in the northeastern Spanish city of Barcelona.

Telefonica also unveiled an agreement with mobile manufacturers LG, Samsung and Sony Mobile.

Under the terms of agreement, the Spanish telecom company will make its services available everywhere and anywhere by means of these small devices, initially worn mostly on the wrist, that provide virtual extensions of a person's mobile phone that make it unnecessary to take it out of pocket or purse.

Telefonica will also market these small devices and for that reason is negotiating the possibility of integrating them in clothing - for example, in a zipper or pocket, Hernandez said.

Though the accord with the three companies was announced on Tuesday, the integration of Telefonica's TU Go service with Sony Mobile and LG is already underway, and prototypes can be seen at its MWC stand.

TU Go allows Telefonica customers to take their telephone number wherever they go, call home from abroad at local rates, use a computer or other digital platform as a mobile phone and make calls and send texts over any supported device.

TU Go is available in Britain, where it has 300,000 users, and Telefonica hopes to launch it this year in several countries around the globe, above all in Latin America. EFE