A number of technology companies have decided to offer days of practical training to Puerto Rican youths interested in this field, in order to help them develop careers in the U.S. commonwealth, afflicted more every day by the exodus of qualified professionals.

Coordinated by the Technology Professionals Association of Puerto Rico, or TRAPR, the initial training session was held Saturday for everyone who sees creating applications and digital art for mobile apps as an opportunity for professional development.

"We want interested young people to have a place to be trained and to complete their knowledge in a practical way, and so create a rich source of professionals on the island," the secretary of that non-profit organization, Pedro Rial, told Efe.

The intention of this project, dubbed DevTitans, is "to develop the local talent that is needed to boost our economy," said those involved in the project in a statement, aware that "a great global demand exists for programmers and designers."

The conclusion reached is that "we have to quit complaining" and "go out into the street to develop the talent that is going to get us out of this economic crisis we're in," DevTitans Executive Director Luis Perez said.

With technology talent and training, locals can begin to create their own applications and market them.

"In that way, they can generate their own revenues, found their own companies and establish joint ventures to strength local industry," the TRAPR organizers said.

"If we own our own companies and make our own products, the wealth will remain on our island," they said. EFEUSA