Colombian Defense Minister Juan Carlos Pinzon announced Saturday that a total of 26 members of the FARC and of the criminal gang Los Urabeños were captured in several operations by the police and army in different regions of the country.

A total of 13 members of support networks for the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, and 13 members of Los Urabeños were captured.

"Eleven members of the FARC's Victor Saavedra Mobile Column were nabbed in the Tulua area (Valle del Cauca province), where they were planning acts of terrorism and extortion," the minister said Saturday at a press conference in Bogota.

He added that in another operation in the eastern province of Vichada, the army captured another two FARC members, but from the 16th Front.

He also said that police nabbed in the Cesar and La Guajira provinces, in the northern part of the country, 11 members of the criminal gang Los Urabeños, "dedicated to the extortion of storekeepers and transport companies and disturbing the peace," Pinzon said.

The minister also confirmed the capture on Friday, in the northern province of Cordoba, of Diego Luis Torres, alias "Barrigon," head of finances for Los Urabeños and the brother of Camilo Torres Martinez, alias "Fritanga", extradited to the United States.

Torres faces charges of conspiracy to commit crime and drug trafficking.

The minister also announced the capture in the northwestern province of Choco of Nilson Machado Renterias, alias "Capaceño," also a member of Los Urabeños.

Seized in the operations were close to six tons of marijuana, half a ton of cocaine and 26 speedboats. EFE