All 11 people on board were killed Friday when a Libyan medical plane crashed northwest of the Tunisian capital, authorities said.

The plane was carrying two patients to Tunis for treatment, Libyan Transport Minister Abdelqader Mohammed said.

Also aboard the Soviet-made Antonov 26 were three physicians and six crew members, a Tunisian official spokesman said.

The aircraft took off from a military airfield near Tripoli.

One of the patients, Meftah al-Mabrouk Issa al-Dhawadi, was a former jihadist who served in Libya's first transitional government following the fall of the Gadhafi regime in October 2011.

Dhawadi, who spent 18 years in a Libyan prison after taking part in guerrilla campaigns against Gadhafi in the mid-1990s, was released shortly before the start of the February 2011 uprising.

The plane went down after one of the engines burst into flames, a Libyan military source said. EFE