One man was killed when unknown assailants fired shots at government supporters in the southern state of Bolivar, bringing the death toll from a week of political strife to six, Venezuela's interior minister said Wednesday.

"There was a gathering of workers, of followers of the revolution, and they were fired upon - we still don't know exactly by whom - from a building, and there is a fatality and four wounded," Miguel Rodriguez told Union Radio.

Opponents of leftist President Nicolas Maduro began taking to the streets last Wednesday to denounce government policies, high levels of crime and recurring shortages of consumer goods.

Investigations continue into the shooting deaths of three people following last Wednesday's opposition march to the Attorney General's Office, Rodriguez said.

"There are many guns on the street," he acknowledged.

"We repudiate any death, we reject violence wherever it comes from," the minister said. "We Venezuelans have to resolve our differences in an orderly way."

He also mentioned the death of Genesis Carmona, a college student and beauty queen who was shot in the head Tuesday before during a protest in the central city of Valencia.

"I understand that there is already someone under arrest for the deeds of yesterday, for the use of firearms in that gathering," Rodriguez said.

Authorities said earlier Wednesday that a person had been charged with homicide in connection with the death of a teenager who was run over by a vehicle at a demonstration in the eastern state of Sucre.