A group of some 150 sub-Saharan immigrants made another attempt to enter Melilla on Wednesday over a border wall separating this Spanish city from Moroccan territory.

None of the immigrants achieved their goal because of the numbers of police deployed on both sides of the border.

Hours earlier in the same area, another group of some 70 immigrants did manage to reach the barrier around Melilla, but were also prevented from trying to get over it by security forces.

That group was part of another, larger one that Tuesday night was detected while headed for Melilla through an area near the Farhana border crossing.

That numerous group was stopped "very far" from the border barrier, according to the Spanish central government's delegation in Melilla, thanks to a warning sent in line with the cooperation protocol to Moroccan forces, who dispersed the column of immigrants.

The different attempts, following the massive assault last Monday before dawn - when 150 Africans managed to enter Spanish territory - were typical of the migratory pressure Melilla has been under for years, but with "particular virulence" since mid-2012, the delegation said.

The big break-in last Monday was the third carried out successfully this year.

Two weeks ago, 15 immigrants died trying to swim from Morocco to the Spanish city of Ceuta as part of a group of more than 250 immigrants.

The Spanish Civil Guard's response on that occasion, which included firing rubber bullets to dissuade the migrants, has been criticized by some. EFE