A Kfir fighter jet belonging to the Colombian air force, or FAC, crashed Tuesday on a training mission killing one of the two pilots and injuring the other, the military said.

The plane, a two-seat fighter jet of Israeli manufacture, crashed at 4:53 p.m. (2153 GMT) near Norcasia, a municipality in the central province of Caldas.

According to the FAC, one of the pilots managed to eject from the plane and "was rescued alive and is being medically evaluated" at the air force's military health unit based in Puerto Salgar, in Cundinamarca province, while the other pilot "regrettably perished inside the aircraft.

The FAC added that it had launched an investigation with the aim of determining the causes of the accident.

On Sept. 27, another FAC Kfir crashed near the Palanquero military base at Puerto Salgar, but its two crewmen were unhurt in the incident. EFE