At least one person died and 77 others were injured in a riot at an Australian-run migrant camp on the island of Manus in Papua New Guinea, authorities said Tuesday.

The identity of the man who died has not been released, but Papua New Guinea's prime minister, Peter O'Neill, said Tuesday that he was of Iranian nationality.

Among the injured, at least 13 are in serious condition, Australian Immigration Minister Scott Morrison said at a press conference.

The riot, in which hundreds of immigrants battled Papuan police and guards working for the private security firm G4S, began on Monday night when the migrants tried to knock down a wall inside the facility.

Morrison said that he had been informed that the Papuan police fired their weapons on at least two occasions during the disturbance.

Authorities have not been able to confirm if any of the 1,300 or so people requesting asylum who were being housed at the camp on Manus, an island north of Papua New Guinea, managed to flee during the riot.

Last Sunday, some 35 undocumented immigrants escaped from the center by taking advantage of the confusion sparked by a fight among migrants in which a score of people were injured and eight were arrested. All the people who escaped were captured later, however.

Australia interns the undocumented inmigrants who try to reach its coasts in this camp in Papua and in another one in the South Pacific island nation of Nauru while their asylum requests are being processed despite the criticism of the U.N. Refugee Agency and Amnesty International.

Many of the immigrants have fled conflicts in places such as Afghanistan, Darfur, Pakistan, Somalia and Syria. EFE