A volunteer firefighter who had been hospitalized after the blaze two weeks ago at a warehouse in Buenos Aires died Monday, bringing to 10 the number of fatalities in the tragedy that has shocked the Argentine public.

Facundo Ambrosi was admitted to the intensive care unit on Feb. 5 after he was seriously injured in the collapse of several walls at the warehouse operated by U.S.-based Iron Mountain, a documents and data management company.

"Facundo grew up in the firehouse. He was a neighbor, a friend. He entered the school for cadets as a boy. Facundo's entire life has been one of solidarity," Antonio Sette, the volunteer fire chief in the La Boca neighborhood, said at a press conference.

Ambrosi, the father of three, had undergone an operation on his right leg and had been in an induced coma.

The fire was reported around 9:00 a.m. on Feb. 5 at an old building used as a documents warehouse. The blaze caused four sections of the structure to collapse, trapping the firefighters.

Iron Mountain said in a communique that the building complied with all risk prevention requirements, but prosecutor Marcela Sanchez, who is in charge of the investigation, is seeking to determine if deficiencies existed. EFE