Nineteen people were arrested by the Federal Police at two labs used to produce synthetic drugs in Mexico state, which surrounds the Federal District and forms part of the Mexico City metropolitan area, officials said.

"In a simultaneous operation in the city of Xalostoc, federal officers located two properties in the Esfuerzo Nacional neighborhood, where 19 people allegedly linked to the manufacturing of said drugs were arrested," the National Security Council and the Government Secretariat said in a joint statement.

Officials did not say which criminal organization employed the suspects.

The group's suspected leader, identified as 44-year-old David Gonzalez Mendoza, "financed the clandestine laboratories," the agencies said.

Officers "seized 19 containers with synthetic drugs, apparently crystal," and "20 containers of synthetic drugs, apparently methamphetamine," the law enforcement agencies said.

Investigators found "a metal pot with a chemical substance that appears to be methamphetamine, with a weight of 84 kilos, 130 capsules with a white powder that appears to be cocaine," firearms, vehicles and cell phones at the labs, officials said. EFE