Wednesday's discovery of a body on the beach in this Spanish enclave city on the Moroccan coast brought to 11 the number of fatalities from an attempt by sub-Saharan migrants to enter Ceuta en masse.

The body was found about 12:30 p.m. and was that of a young African man, the national government delegation in Ceuta told Efe.

The find brings to 11 the official number of people who died in last Thursday's attempt by migrants to cross the border. Nine of the bodies were found on Moroccan soil.

The first body on the beach at Ceuta was found last Saturday afternoon and was that of a man in his 20s.

He was buried on Monday in the city's Catholic cemetery.

On Feb. 6, some 400 immigrants tried to cross the border from the Moroccan hills, near the customs station.

Many of the migrants jumped into the sea to flee from Moroccan police. EFE