Bolivian state oil company YPFB has signed a contract with giant Brazilian counterpart Petrobras for the sale of excess natural gas from Bolivia to a power plant in Cuiaba, Brazil.

For a period of 20 days beginning Feb. 15, Bolivia will send 2.24 million cubic meters per day (78.9 million cubic feet per day) of natural gas to the plant in that western city, YPFB said in a statement.

YPFB's marketing chief, Mauricio Marañon, said the companies would analyze the conditions for signing a longer-term, interruptible contract during that 20-day period.

Later, the companies will negotiate another long-term supply contract for the Cuiaba plant, to be signed by the CEOs of YPFB and Petrobras, the statement added.

Exports to the Cuiaba plant are possible this year because Bolivia's excess gas production for the first time exceeds what the Andean nation is contractually obligated to export to the Brazilian market of Sao Paulo and to Argentina.

Bolivia supplies 31 million cmd of natural gas to Sao Paulo industry and roughly half of that volume to Argentina. EFE