A woman in a wheelchair was arrested on the weekend as she was trying to enter a prison in the western state of Tachira with almost a kilogram of C-4 plastic explosive, the Venezuelan Attorney General's Office reported Tuesday.

Sainny Chacon Gomez, 22, hid two pieces of the C-4 weighing a total of 937 grams (2.06 pounds) in a cardboard box, where they were found by prison officials during the routine inspection made of visitors, said the AG's office in a press release.

She was also found to be in possession of "wires and detonators," leading a Tachira court to officially approve her arrest and accept the accusations of prosecutors asking that she be tried for "terrorism, criminal association and illicit weapons trafficking."

On Oct. 22, 2013, prison authorities displayed for journalists a kilo of C-4 explosive along with several electric detonators, rifles, submachineguns, grenades and 11,446 rounds of ammunition found in a tunnel underneath a recently mothballed prison in the western state of Falcon.

The arsenal find came after 1,000 prisoners were removed from the facility so that it could be remodeled, a move that was resisted by "negative leaders" of the prisoners leading to the deaths of two inmates and the injuring of 13.

The Venezuelan prison system is experiencing a chronic crisis due to the lack of authorities' control over the prisons, where weapons and drugs can be smuggled in relatively easily and murders are common.

According to the independent Venezuelan Prison Observatory, 506 inmates died in the country's 50 or so prisons last year, although that figure was 14 percent fewer than had been killed in 2012. EFE