Younes Ali Younes, one of six Libyan journalists kidnapped by unidentified individuals in Tripoli this week, was released on Tuesday, his brother, Meftah, told Efe.

Younes, who was abducted on Monday, is on his way home, the family spokesman said, without providing additional details.

The journalist, who sustained a broken arm during a failed kidnapping attempt in 2012, works as an editor for the official WAL news agency and as editor-in-chief of "Tripoli" magazine.

Younes was kidnapped by five people, some of whom were wearing military uniforms, as he left a cafe in the capital.

Younes's kidnapping occurred a day after five other journalists employed by the Libya al Wataniya state television network were abducted by unidentified individuals.

Contact was lost with the journalists near the Tripoli airport on Sunday, the father of one of the victims told WAL.

"We don't know where they might be, but we have started doing things to try to find them and so they can return together to their families," Ibrahim Abdelkader Al Rydha said.

The five missing journalists have been identified as Saddam Hassan Al Rashidi, Ibrahim Abdelkader Al Rydha, Ibrahim Al Wafi and brothers Shaaban and Ramadan Abdelkader. EFE