The television cameraman injured last week during protests in Rio de Janeiro died Monday of brain arrest after spending several days hospitalized in a coma, officials said.

Santiago Andrade was covering the protests against the hike in transport fares in downtown Rio de Janeiro last Thursday for Band television when he was hit by a fireworks bomb thrown by the demonstrators, police said.

The cameraman was taken with a head injury to the Souza Aguiar Hospital, where he died after spending several days there in critical condition, the hospital's press office told Efe.

Police arrested Sunday a protester suspected of throwing the fireworks bomb at Andrade.

The suspect, Fabio Raposo Barbosa, 22, was identified by police as an accomplice in the explosion and the crime of voluntary manslaughter.

Raposo admitted Saturday on the Globo television network that he was carrying the bomb, as can be seen in television images of the protest, but he said that he was not the person who threw it.

"Our main aim is to identify the person who detonated the bomb that hit Santiago. In the images, he (Raposo) hands (it) to the person who set it off," a police spokesman said at a press conference on Saturday.

When Raposo handed over the bomb he knew that it was going to be thrown and "therefore, he is being treated as a co-author" of the attack, the director of the Rio de Janeiro Civil Police, Jose Pedro Costa, said. EFE