At least 10 people died Sunday, six of them police officers, in several attacks in central Iraq, where authorities also found six other bodies, most of them members of pro-government Sunni militia groups.

Police told Efe that the six police officers lost their lives in an attack by an armed group on a checkpoint in the Al Yankaya area, in Salaheddin province north of Baghdad.

The attackers, who used weapons equipped with silencers, managed to flee the scene after they struck.

Three civilians, including a child, died and five people were wounded when three bombs blew up in the town of Katun al Razi, in the western province of Diyala.

Near the capital of Diyala, Baquba, the head of a Shiite militia group was serious wounded, while his bodyguard was killed, by armed men.

Meanwhile, security forces found four bodies of Sunni militiamen with their throats cut in the Al Moaskarat zone of Salaheddin province.

The bodies belong to sheikh Khalaaf al Sahn al Lahibi, one of the former heads of the militia group, two of his sons and a nephew, all of whom were kidnapped three days ago.

Two other bodies were found with bullet wounds in Diyala near the Al Sharif bridge, one of whom was a construction materials businessman.

Iraq is experiencing a resurgence in sectarian violence and terrorist attacks. In 2013, 8,868 people - 7,818 of them civilians - died nationwide in assorted attacks and other violent incidents, according to United Nations figures. EFE