The besieged ancient city of Homs in central Syria awaited a shipment of humanitarian aid Saturday after civilians began to be evacuated on Friday.

A United Nations convoy is expected to distribute needed goods to the area, where humanitarian organizations have been denied access for more than a year.

The load of humanitarian aid, ready to be distributed, comprises rations for 500 families and includes products with special nutrients to deal with cases of malnutrition among adults and children, according to U.N. officials.

On Friday a first group of more than 80 people - women, children, seniors and the ill - was transported from the ancient center of Homs, which has been surrounded by the army since June 2012.

The evacuation process, which will continue throughout the weekend, is being carried out in cooperation with the U.N. and the Red Crescent, and is made possible thanks to a humanitarian accord reached between the government and the opposition.

Both sides agreed on a three-day cease fire, the Russian foreign minister announced Friday.

The evacuation of civilians from Homs was the first topic in the first round of peace negotiations in Geneva, held last Jan. 22-31, where for the first time representatives of the regime and the opposition sat down to talk at the same table.

The regime confirmed Friday that it will attend the second round, planned to begin on Feb. 10 in the Swiss city. EFE