The occupants of a vehicle that struck a child in the southern Mexican state of Chiapas were killed by an angry mob, authorities said Friday.

The incident unfolded Thursday in Chacte, an community of Tseltal Indians, the state Attorney General's Office said.

After a taxi struck young Jeronimo Gomez, fracturing his leg, several residents grabbed the driver and the other person in the vehicleand took them to the municipal jail in San Juan Cancun.

But a mob from Chacte went to the jail and seized the two men.

The vigilantes dragged driver Juan Giron Lopez and Diego Giron Santiz back to Chacte, where they beat the men before tying them to a stake and setting them on fire, the Chiapas AG's office said.

Both victims were from the neighboring municipality of Tenejapa.

State authorities said they were investigating the double-murder.

At least nine lynchings have taken place in the area over the last six months, according to figures from the Chiapas government.