An Argentine prosecutor on Thursday sought court approval to subpoena Vice President Amado Boudou as a defendant in a corruption case.

The allegations date from Boudou's 2009-2011 tenure as economy minister.

Boudou used that post to favor a firm that prints currency for the Argentine treasury, prosecutor Jorge Di Lello said in a court filing.

Besides the vice president, the prosecutor also asked for permission to name the head of the AFIP tax service, Ricardo Echegaray, as a defendant.

In July 2010, a commercial court declared Ciccone Calcografica bankrupt at the behest of the AFIP, which was trying to recover unpaid taxes from the company.

With a new majority owner, The Old Fund, Ciccone emerged from bankruptcy three months later after agreeing with the AFIP on a payment plan.

The prosecutor says Old Fund chief executive Alejandro Vandenbroele is a front man for Boudou, a claim the vice president denies.

Di Lello also wants to question bankers to determine where The Old Fund got the money to acquire control of Ciccone, reborn as Compañia Sudamericana de Valores.

Boudou became vice president following the 2011 elections, in which President Cristina Fernandez won a second term with 54 percent of the vote.

Within months, however, Boudou was mired in corruption scandals, and Fernandez has relegated him to the background. EFE