Police in the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro killed six suspects in a shootout Tuesday during a manhunt for the individuals who gunned down an officer over the weekend, officials said.

Two officers sustained minor wounds in the shootout in the Juramento "favela," or shantytown, police said in a statement.

Four rifles, two pistols, 11 ammunition clips, ammunition, five grenades, a bullet-proof vest and drugs were seized following the shootout.

The manhunt was launched after officer Alda Rafael Castilho, who was assigned to a unit in the Parque Proletario favela, was murdered on Sunday.

Castilho was shot in the back outside a police station by gunmen riding on a motorcycle.

Three other people, including an officer inside the station, were hit by gunfire.

Police began the manhunt on Monday, deploying officers in several favelas in Rio de Janeiro and its metropolitan area.

One suspect was killed in the initial phase of the operation on Monday, police said, adding that nine adults and a minor were arrested.

The manhunt was expanded on Tuesday to five favelas in the northern part of Rio de Janeiro. EFE