At least 12 people were killed and 45 were wounded in four car-bomb attacks on Baghdad markets, an Iraqi Interior Ministry official told Efe.

One of the cars, driven by a suicide bomber, blew up in the Mahmudiyah neighborhood market, leaving four dead and 15 injured.

In the same area, one civilian died and 11 were wounded when a second vehicle exploded soon after the first bombing.

Another four people were killed and nine were wounded in a similar attack at the market in Hurreya, and three civilians lost their lives and 10 were wounded in the Baladiyad neighborhood.

Police also found four people fatally shot in an abandoned house in Al Farach street, in southwest Baghdad.

Separately, the Defense Ministry said Monday that security forces in the last few hours killed 57 suspected jihadists in the western province of Anbar.

For more than a month, the province's two largest cities, Ramadi and Fallujah, have witnessed clashes between security forces and insurgents led by the al-Qaeda-linked Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant, or ISIL.

Tribal militias in the majority Sunni province are divided. Some support Iraq's Shiite-headed government, while others have lined up with the insurgents.

The Defense Ministry identified the 57 people killed in the latest round of fighting as ISIL members and credited local tribes for their role in the operations.

Government forces also seized two vehicles loaded with machine guns and mortars near Ramadi, the provincial capital.

The fighting in Anbar has left scores of dead and wounded and prompted some 140,000 people to flee.

Iraq is experiencing a resurgence of sectarian and political violence that claimed the lives of 8,868 people in 2013, according to estimates from the United Nations.

The vast majority of the dead were civilians. EFE