A police chief in the western province of Lempira has been temporarily suspended for allegedly being involved in the trafficking of 3,000 marijuana plants and weapons seized earlier this weekend from a Honduran and a Colombian, the head of the Honduran Police, Ramon Sabillon, said Sunday.

Constantino Zavala will be subjected to "an investigation" to determine his responsibility in this case, Sabillon told reporters.

"He will have to turn in his badge and his weapon. He will not be able to perform police functions until his investigation is completed," the police chief said, adding that Zavala would face a "criminal trial" in this case.

Police arrested Honduran citizen Jester Miranda and Colombian Ruben Pinilla last Friday and seized from them some 3,000 pot plants and a number of firearms in the village of La Cumbre, the Security Secretariat said in a statement.

Authorities also reported that they are investigating the existence of a lab allegedly used to process the marijuana, although so far they have released no additional details.

Honduras is used as a bridge by South American drug traffickers who send drug shipments, especially cocaine, to the United States, although part of some of those shipments remains in the Central American country, local authorities say.

The Honduran Police began an internal purge in November 2011 because of multiple complaints against its officers involving crimes such as murder, drug trafficking, extortion, kidnapping and vehicle theft, among others.