Puerto Rican Gov. Alejandro Garcia Padilla inaugurated the Center for the Development and Innovation of Pharmaceutical Products, or Cediprof, the first center for research, experimentation and development of generic pharmaceutical products on the Caribbean island.

The Neolpharma company, which established itself on the island last year, invested $12 million in the construction of the new R&D center.

Cediprof consists of a 2,000 square-foot (185 square-meter) pilot plant for the experimentation, development and testing of pharmaceutical projects, including an analytic and forensic laboratory and a 4,000 square-foot (370 square-meter) warehouse.

"This center represents an important strategic step on Puerto Rico's path to a knowledge-based economy to diversify the economy and create more and better jobs," Garcia Padilla said.

Between this year and next, Cediprof will come up with between 12 and 15 generic pharmaceutical products that it will submit for the approval of the U.S. Food & Drug Administration. Once approved, Neolpharma will manufacture them for sale in the United States. EFE