The increase in bus fares in Rio de Janeiro once again on Thursday sparked a street protest, a move coming seven months after thousands of residents took to the streets of Brazil to demonstrate against the hike in public transport costs.

Shouting "If the fare rises, Rio's going to stop" a group of about 100 people on Thursday passed through the barriers at Rio's main railroad station without paying for their tickets.

The protest comes after the city hall announced on Wednesday that bus fares will rise from 2.75 reais (about $1.13) to 3 reais (about $1.24) starting on Feb. 8.

The protest, which up to 9:15 p.m. local time was proceeding peacefully, was closely monitored by a group of Military Police, but they did not intervene.

Some of the demonstrators encouraged other public transport users not to pay for their tickets to show their support.

The increase in the bus fare last year unleashed in June a nationwide wave of demonstrations coinciding with soccer's Confederations Cup.

Although the increase in bus fares was the catalyst, thousands of people all over Brazil took to the streets to demand better public services, including education and healthcare, and to criticize spending on soccer-oriented infrastructure. EFE