Police arrested 73 people Wednesday after an attempt to evict squatters from an historic building sparked a brawl, authorities in the Mexican capital said.

The fight was over control of the Edificio Gaona, a 92-year-old structure located near the Mexican federal Government Secretariat.

Declared a national artistic monument in 1980, the building has been the subject of a decades-long court battle between the heirs of the original owner, bullfighter Rodolfo Gaona, and his business partners.

The ownership of the building remains in legal limbo, making it attractive to squatters.

A group of people arrived at Edificio Gaona on Wednesday with the aim of evicting the squatters.

"The occupants of the place mounted resistance, which set off a confrontation between the two groups," the municipal Public Safety Office said in a statement.

City police who went to the scene "to try to control the disturbance ... were received with stones and sticks," the statement said.

"Some of those involved tried to hide on the roof of the building, which increased the police mobilization in the interior and the environs," the note continued. EFE