Ten people died and 42 others were injured in a fire at Modelo prison in the northern Colombian city of Barranquilla, Atlantico province Gov. Jose Antonio Segebre said Tuesday.

Some inmates with slight injuries have now been released from hospitals in the city, but at least 15 are still being treated for the severe burns they suffered or for the smoke they inhaled.

Segebre visited the jail before dawn with the director of Colombia's Inpec prisons service, Gen. Saul Torres.

The fire broke out Monday night, apparently when several inmates set mattresses on fire during a clash between rival gangs, following an inspection carried out by Inpec guards.

The fire, which started in Cellblock B, was controlled by firefighters in the early hours Tuesday, after which the removal of casualties began.

Barranquilla authorities slammed the overcrowding at the Modelo jail, where close to 1,200 prisoners are held, triple the facility's capacity for 400 inmates.

Outside the jail, located in the city's downtown area, dozens of people wait for news about jailed family members and friends. EFE