A Spaniard wounded Wednesday in the attack in western Pakistan that took the lives of seven soldiers is out of danger, a family member told Efe.

Francisco Colorado Soriano was traveling by bicycle across the southwestern province of Baluchistan toward the border with Iran when - some 45 kilometers (20 miles) from Quetta, the provincial capital - attackers threw a grenade at members of the paramilitary force who were escorting him.

Seven of the troops were killed.

Colorado Soriano, who aims to cycle around the world, has already been released from the hospital, his sister said.

Nine other people were wounded in the attack and were taken to a hospital in the city of Mastung.

The attackers wanted "to kidnap the Spanish tourist" and one of the insurgents died in a firefight with security forces, Baluchistan Interior Secretary Rehman Gailani told Dawn newspaper.

Baluchistan is the scene of many terrorist attacks, which last year took the lives of more than 600 people.

Operating in the region are separatist armed groups who often attack the security forces and other state institutions, as well as Taliban factions and jihadist groups. EFE