Some 8,000 members of Brazil's MTST homeless movement took to the streets of their country's largest city on Wednesday to demand that basic services be provided to their shantytown - or "favela" - on the south side of Sao Paulo.

The protesters marched to Bandeirantes Palace, the seat of the state government, where MTST representatives met with Housing Secretary Silvio Torres and Interior Secretary Edson Aparecido to discuss their demands.

Among those demands is also an increase in the allocation of resources to undertake projects financed by "Minha Casa, minha vida" (My House, My Life), the flagship program of President Dilma Rousseff to build thousands of low-cost homes.

The MTST is responsible for the organization of the shantytown known as Nova Palestina, where about 8,000 families have illegally settled in southern Sao Paulo.

For years, the MTST has been occupying public and private buildings in the city's downtown area to protest the lack of affordable housing. EFE