Mexican Labor Secretary Alfonso Navarrete Prida was mugged as he entered a luxury shopping center in Mexico City's upscale Polanco neighborhood, Federal District Attorney Rodolfo Rios said.

"Yes, a watch was stolen. Obviously, I am not going to comment on the brand of watch. The secretary has given a statement about what happened and, obviously, we are investigating," Rios said in a press conference.

The incident occurred on Sunday evening, when Navarrete went to the shopping center without his bodyguards.

"It happened outside the Centro Comercial Antara. Just before you enter the tunnel that leads inside, where all the shops are," the DA said.

Navarrete confirmed the incident in a Twitter post on Monday.

"Yesterday, an incident happened at Plaza Antara when I was there, it was dealt with by security personnel," Navarrete said.

"The judicial authority with jurisdication has started an investigation of the case," the labor secretary said.

The district attorney did not provide any details about the case, telling reporters only that Navarrete had filed a complaint.

Navarrete went to the shopping center without his security team and was robbed of a watch worth 300,000 pesos ($22,640), media reports said. EFE