At least four people were killed and about 30 wounded on Tuesday in a suicide bomb attack in the Beirut neighborhood of Haret Hreik, one of the strongholds of the Shiite radical group Hezbollah, the government-run ANN news agency and the Lebanese Red Cross said.

The bomber detonated the vehicle he was driving, which - besides the dozens of victims - caused significant material damage to buildings and other vehicles parked nearby.

Television images of the scene show a fire in one of the buildings there and a thick column of smoke emanating from it.

Numerous ambulances came to the blast site to evacuate the wounded, while military prosecutor Sakr Sakr ordered experts to begin an immediate investigation.

Outgoing Prime Minister Nayib Mikati condemned the "hateful crime" and issued a call to the public to cooperate to bring the country out of the crisis it is experiencing.

A Hezbollah lawmaker, Ali Amar, came to the blast site and accused Israel of staging the attack, warning that it undermines "the security, the unity and the peace of Lebanon."

In Haret Hreik there was another explosion in early January which killed six people and wounded 70.

Attacks on Hezbollah positions and bastions have increased in recent months in retaliation for the group's participation in the Syrian civil war on the side of the Damascus regime of Bashar al Assad. EFE