The International Monetary Fund's representative in Afghanistan, Lebanese Wabel Abdullah, was among 21 people killed in a suicide attack on a restaurant in this capital, the local AIP news agency said Saturday.

At least 13 of the victims were foreigners, including Canadians, Russians and Britons, as well as some U.N. officials whose nationality AIP did not specify.

Friday's attack targeted a popular Lebanese restaurant that is located in a district where many embassies and offices of international organizations are located and frequented by Westerners on weekends.

Kabul police chief Gen. Mohammad Zahir told Efe Friday that three terrorists took part in the attack: a suicide bomber and two gunmen who were killed by security forces inside the establishment.

Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid claimed responsibility for the attack in the name of the insurgent movement, saying in a statement to Efe that it was in reprisal for an operation by foreign forces Thursday in Parwan province, "where they razed 10 houses and killed defenseless women and children."

At least eight civilians died in the operation in Parwan, which was led by Afghan troops but included the participation of NATO forces.

The commander of the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan, U.S. Gen. Joseph F. Dunford, denounced the attack on the restaurant and said the Taliban had once again shown their contempt for human life.

Friday's attack was the deadliest thus far in 2014 in Afghanistan.

NATO troops are scheduled to complete their withdrawal from Afghanistan in December, when local forces will take over security nationwide.

But that process has not halted insurgent activity nor the spiral of violence in the Asian nation. EFE