Guatemalan Vice President Roxana Baldetti on Wednesday left the private clinic where she had been admitted after a woman threw a white powder that was apparently flour into her face.

After remaining at the Centro Medico for 24 hours, Baldetti was released but will have to take a medically-ordered rest for four weeks, Marcos Flores, one of the doctors who attended her, told reporters.

The vice president is suffering from acute inflammation of the bronchial tubes and the eyes, in addition to a nervous crisis, although her situation is stable, according to the medical bulletin.

Baldetti was leaving the Miguel Angel Asturias National Theater, where she had accompanied President Otto Perez Molina to the presentation of his state of the union speech, when a woman identified as Daira Cristal Coton Florian threw white powder into her face.

Authorities have not yet released the results of the toxicology test on the white substance, although it is presumed to have been flour.

Besides Coton, police also arrested Geraldine del Cid, Anibal Rodriguez and Jose Miguel Hernandez at or near the site of the attack.

Perez Molina on Tuesday called the attack on the VP "cowardly" and exhorted the authorities to get to the bottom of the matter and find all those responsible for conceiving, planning and carrying it out. EFE