Honduran police are investigating how $7.2 million seized over the weekend from three Hondurans in Panama was able to be smuggled through Tegucigalpa's international Toncontin airport, authorities said Monday.

"A special commission" has been formed to investigate how the three men were able to take eight suitcases full of cash out of the country, National Police director Ramon Sabillon told reporters.

Meanwhile, Edgardo Maradiaga, the manager of the Interairports company, which runs the four international airports in Honduras, said at a press conference that four Toncontin employees are under investigation in the matter.

Maradiaga said that Interairports has an X-ray screening system to detect the presence of cash or prohibited substances in suitcases, but he did not say how the Honduran trio managed to fool or bypass those controls.

Panamanian police on Saturday arrested the three Hondurans at the Tocumen international airport and seized almost $7.2 million hidden in eight suitcases with double bottoms.

Honduran media identified the arrested men as Melvin Calderon, Hugo Galdamez and Ramon Muñoz, although Panamanian authorities have not yet released their names. EFE