Two miners died and three others were injured by an electric shock in a silver mine in the northern Mexican town of Bermejillo, the National Union of Mine and Metal Workers said Saturday.

In a communique, the union said the accident occurred in a mine operated by the Canadian firm Excellon Resources around 7:15 p.m. Thursday, though the company failed to report the accident until the following day.

In its report, Excellon said that after the accident, the workers were immediately taken out of the mine and rushed to a hospital, where two of them died.

"Both employees were experienced and well trained, so that words cannot express the depth of our sorrow for their loss," the company said.

But according to the union, the short-circuit was "caused by a lack of supervision, non-existent safety measures and the scant interest in such matters on the part of the company" and the municipal, state and federal governments.

The union called on federal authorities to "stop the constant violations" by Excellon Resources, a company that for years has committed "systematic violations" against "workers' rights in terms of hygiene, safety and freedom of association." EFE