One of the four crewmembers rescued from a U.S. Navy helicopter that crashed into the Atlantic Ocean died later in the hospital, while the search continues for a missing fifth sailor, the U.S. Navy said Wednesday.

The navy said that the crewman, whose identity was not released, died several hours after being rescued 32 kilometers (20 miles) east of Cape Henry in Virginia.

The other three members of the crew remain at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital in Norfolk, Virginia, some 300 km (186 mi.) south of Washington.

The Coast Guard and the Navy are continuing the search for the fifth crewmember.

Navy spokesman Cmdr. Mike Kafka said at a press conference that two Sea Dragon MH-53 choppers from the HM-14 helicopter squadron based at the Norfolk Naval Station were on a training mission when one of them had to ditch in the water.

The second helicopter dropped a life raft near the downed chopper and two crewmembers were able to clamber aboard. According to the National Weather Service, the ocean water temperature at the time was just 5 C (42 F).

The Coast Guard cutter Shearwater was cruising near the crash site and sped there along with a second rescue vessel from the Joint Expeditionary Base at Little Creek.

CNN reported that the four crewmembers were rescued two at a time from the water by the other helicopter.

The spokesman for the hospital in Norfolk, Chris Geotz, told the Norfolk daily Virginia Pilot that he saw a large Navy helicopter land twice within a short period near the medical center and unload the rescued crewmembers. EFE